Market Sector
Metalworking, lubricating and surface treatment in the Mechanical Industry
- Car industry and auxiliaries
- Aluminium and alloys treatment
- Varied (Enamelling, Galvanising, Wiredrawing, Embedding, etc.)
Hygiene, lubricating and disinfection in the Food Industry
- Milk industry
- Beer industry
- Meat industry
- Mineral water and soft drink industry
- Wine industry
Cleaning and disinfection in Textiles, the Institutional Sector and Communities
- Industrial laundries
- Cleaning and disinfection for service industries
- Hospitals, hotel industry and catering
Water treatment
- Legionella pneumophila treatment and prevention
- Waste water treatment (physicochemical, evaporators, centrifuges)
- Swimming-pool water treatment and maintenance
Project and Installation Engineering
- Centralised lubricating systems of bottle conveyor belts
- Dosage and control automatic systems for all kinds of industry. CIP'S
- Foam projection systems at high and low pressure
- Mechanical vapour recompression and heat pump evaporators
- Centrifuges
- Varied