Research and Development
The main goal in this department is the innovation and continuous improvement of all our market sectors. The close relationship with our customers enables us to know their day-to-day needs and to optimise the processes.
CPQ Ibérica is constituted by specialized personnel with deep knowledge of the industrial sectors they wok on, which creates a synergy for producing useful and applicable ideas when agilely solving problems that come out.
We have a research laboratory, quality control, microbiology and application of processes. The formulation of our products is submitted to continuous revision so that it is better and adapts to the requirements of the market.
We register our developments by means of collaboration with other standardised laboratories, which are state-owned as well as European.
That is why our company is placed at the forefront of its sector. Our customers expect us to provide them with constant collaboration that is intended for solving real problems in terms of product application and improvement of application systems.