C.P.Q. Ibérica S.A.U.
CPQ Ibérica, S.A.U. is a corporation wholly Spanish capital, with experience and presence throughout the national territory.
CPQ Ibérica, S.A.U. was founded in the '80s, with the intention to cover the needs in the market with customized solutions.
We have achieved, from a small team of highly specialized, creating a company's products and services to a broad market in which are integrated: the study of the problem, the most appropriate technical solution and its follow-up.
We have our own manufacturing specialty chemicals, our R & D laboratory and our team of Engineering Projects and Facilities.
Our wide product range covering the sectors of:
Machining, lubrication, cleaning and surface treatment in the metallurgical industry.
Hygiene, lubrication and disinfection in food industry.
Water treatment.
Cleaning and disinfection of institutions and organizations.
Detergency, enzyme washed and disinfection of textiles.
Biotechnology products for industry and communities.
Engineering projects and facilities for use of our products giving a comprehensive support service to our customers.
For greater effectiveness, our commercial technical personnel are present throughout the national territory, while maintaining an effective relationship with customers.
We are particularly sensitive to quality issues, risk control and the environment. Therefore:
Products for the Food Industry have the relevant Health Registration No 37 – 00053/B.
We have a system of quality assurance based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified by AENOR Registration No ER-0525/1996 achieved in April 1996.
We have developed a precise system of technical specifications, material safety data sheets, analytical and control methods, etc.
We have a Management System Standard ISO 14001 with No. MA-0101/02 on the environment, which encompasses all of our production activity to minimize their environmental impact.
It's our way of working, which allowed us to be present throughout the National Market, working with extremely prestigious companies in each sector of our performance and that puts us at the forefront of new technologies in the Chemical and Services.